The Artwork of Frank Walter Gross

self portrait

This gallery is a show of the paintings, drawings, and other artwork of
Frank Walter Gross.

Reproduction of any image from these pages is forbidden without written permission.

There are over 240 works of art created mostly in the 1970's, 80's and early 90's. The works are presently in no particular order and consist of oil, water color, charcoal, pastel, sculpture and carving. Subject matter varied from landscapes to portraits to still life to figure studies. Some may not have been completed and others may have been used as preliminary sketches and exercises.

The images shown here are digital reproductions of the original artwork. The digital masters have been lightly processed and re-sized for web display.

Our primary purpose is to present his artwork for all to enjoy, thus no pricing or availability of originals or prints is being made at this time Contact us if you have questions

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